Advanced water treatment technology,

solving a range of persistent problems.

Through innovative treatment, AQUA4D addresses water infrastructure issues in several industries.
Since 2004, customers in over 40 countries have benefitted from this market-leading water tech. 
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Headquartered in Switzerland but with expert consultants across the world, our clean technology has been enabling sustainable water efficiency for nearly two decades.

  Installations running
in 43+ countries
 Years of constant innovation
  kg average CO2 saved per
lifespan unit 20m3/h

AQUA4D® changes water structure and hydration, enabling a cascade of benefits for sustainable agriculture – maximizing outputs with minimal resources.

Positive feedback loops

Water Stewardship

At AQUA4D, sustainability is not a nice-to-have: it’s our core competence, present in everything we do. Water stewardship is imperative for dealing with a changing climate, water scarcity and soil degradation. Our cleantech connects the dots between resource efficiency, land restoration, and responsible production, helping us fulfil 11 of 17 SDGs. AQUA4D generates positive feedback loops and enables customers to achieve their water efficiency and business goals while doing the planet a favor


Precision Irrigation

A Revolution for the Management of Salt in Soils

Like many places in Peru and Chile, the coastal area of northern Peru suffers from increasing soil salinity 

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Precision Irrigation

The effects of AQUA4D® on nut trees

With reportage from California, Spain and South America, this video looks at the effect of AQUA4D® water-smart irrigation on the cultivation of nut trees across the world 

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Precision Irrigation

AQUA4D® system installation

Irrigation technicians inspecting a new AQUA4D® greenhouse installation in Canada for resolving water efficiency and clogging-related issues. 

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Precision Irrigation

Structure changes of soil under AQUA4D® irrigation

 With an increase of high-profile projects in various countries, the effects of AQUA4D® technology on irrigation water are being increasingly studied

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